About Us

If you’ve got teeth, we’ve got the guide. But seriously though, thank you for checking out our website, whether you have teeth or not you’ll be able to learn about how to properly look after your oral health. We originally started this website to help people on what is often an overlooked and confusing topic of oral hygiene. Read on to find out more about why we created the site.

The Oral Care Problem

Oral care is an overlooked and underappreciated topic in today’s society. People have cavities, visible plaque, bad oral hygiene and it’s accepted as normal. There are some crazy statistics around oral care…

  • 84% of adults have a at least one filling.
  • 66% have visible plaque.
  • Half of the population have some form of gum disease.
  • And 29% suffer from regular dental pain.

All of this is completely preventable with good oral hygiene. The best approach to oral care is taking the basic steps to look after your teeth for preventative care, so you don’t need a lot of work to be done by a dentist. Digging deeper into the the statistics it’s no wonder we are having these issues:

  • 70% of people don’t change their toothbrush head often enough
  • More than a quarter of the population don’t brush their teeth twice a day every day.
  • Over a third of people don’t brush correctly.
  • 6/10 people still use a manual toothbrush sometimes in the UK and over a third don’t use an electric toothbrush at all.

As you can see from before the results of this aren’t good. These are simple things to fix, with the right knowledge and effort put into caring about your mouth. That’s why we started the Got Teeth Guide.

The Importance of Oral Health

Okay, so hopefully by now we have convinced you that there is a bit of a problem with how most people look after there oral health or a lack of knowledge in this area. If you’re on this site you’re probably looking for more information! But you might ask yourself why is it important that we look after your mouth and teeth, it’s a good question. The impact of how having having a healthy mouth leads affects your health overall is often underestimated…

Your mouth is connected to the rest of the body and plays such an important role in your day to day life. From your teeth that help you talk and speak clearly, help chew and digest food and even give the shape to your face; to the oral
microbiome that is the entrance to the microbiome of your gut.

There are strong ties between someone’s oral health and: sleep health, how long they live, the risk of disease, risk of cancer and dementia as well as the obvious appearance.

Our Information & Reviews

Reviews of products on this site are our own opinion and should be taken as such. Extensive testing and research is carried out on topics and products before releasing any content.

We don’t carry clinical trials on products and are not scientists or dental professionals ourselves. The rationale and detailed explanation of our thoughts and how we came to those conclusions is included in the content we release. We intend for our posts to be used as a guide to inform and expand your knowledge. We also welcome comments and plan to actively respond to any queries.